With the musical advice and the sound creation of Cristian Carrara, Viva Vivaldi – The four seasons mistery is going to be inaugurated the 13th of May, 2017, in Venezia, near Museo Diocesano: it’s about a multimedia setting up where the visitor will be immersed in an experience of extraordinary emotional impact, only and new, a storytelling – in a spectacular key – of the human and artistic personality of Antonio Vivaldi and of the mistery of his prodigious ability of composer. The very new concept foresees: videomapping, immersive environment, multi-directional audio and olfactory effects. The exhibition, produced and promoted by Emotional Experiences srl, has the artistic management by the poet Davide Rondoni, the musical one by Cristian Carrara and the visual one by Gianni Canova.

Viva Vivaldi

The four seasons mistery

An exhibition of images, music and scents
Artistic management: Davide Rondoni
Technical and artistic management: Jean Francois Touillaud
Musical advice and sound creation: Cristian Carrara
Visual advice: Gianni Canova
Production: Emotional Experiences srl
Location: Venezia, Museo Diocesano
Dates: from May, the 13th, to the end of October 2017

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