is the cd edit from the Bolognese label A simple lunch: it has ten compositions by some of the most important contemporary Italian composers.
Bianco (2014), by Cristian Carrara, for flute in C, clarinet in B-flat, soprano sax, drums and piano, is, as the composer says, “an homage to the Grande Bianco by Burri. To the painting of 1952. But it is an homage also to the white colour. The one that includes them all. The one that easily gets dirty but that, when it is untouched , it’s fascinating , enveloping, engaging. Because white is the colour everyone would like to be but we are far from being really. It is a homage to the expressive purity of Burri, who chooses a huge theme as the White, and that capture it on the canvas, between innovation and semplicity. Innovation and semplicity, exactly. A warning also for today’s music. I hope that artists have the courage to confront themselves with the big themes, taking them in the hands, making them simple through their innovations (Cristian Carrara).

The disc is recorded by the ensemble Suono Giallo, a group born in Città di Castello as part of the celebrations for the Centenary of the birth of the painter Alberto Burri.

Music by M. Porro, A. Gentile, F. De Rossi Re, C. Carrara, A. Sbordoni, R. Fabbriciani, N. Sani, V. Palumbo, S. Taglietti, S. Di Vittorio