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From the CD booklet: La Piccola Vedetta Lombarda [The Little Lombardan Lookout], Tactus:

It is with absolute engagement that Carrara tackles the important theme of the morality of Art, a morality which he believes in unrhetorically and which he abides by in all aspects of the score. This is crystal clear, ‘small’ in the writing techniques, in the choir of children and even in the often tight weaving, but ‘big’ in its creative intentions by virtue of which the whole context appears absolutely solid and clear. Art, in Cristian Carrara’s poetry, is a formidable tool that provides assistance and involvement. […]Carrara’s writing is extremely attentive to the balance and delicate nature of the harmonic fabric, which is never forced beyond the limits of what is reasonable, never cajoled by the ease of transitions and the clashing sounds.
(Claudio Strinati)