New opera by Cristian Carrara, composer
Written and directed by Maria Grazia Pani
Bari, Teatro Petruzzelli

Giuseppe La Malfa, conductor
Orchestra and choir of Teatro Petruzzelli
Cinderella, Claudia Urru
Cinderella’s mum, Francesca Ruospo
Genoveffa, Teresa Di Bari
Carolinda, Desirée Pappagallo
The stepmother ,Angela Nicoli
The fairy godmother, Alessia Nadin
The prince, Marco Miglietta
Petron,o Carlo Sgura
The king, Alberto Comes
[…] Fondazione Petruzzelli has commissioned a new work on the theme of Cinderella, relying on the musical inspiration of Cristian Carrrara and on the creativity of Maria Grazia Pini, librettist of the opera. It is a one-act opera, a Singspiel form, a genre that combines operatic recitatives to the simplicity of musical texture. […] Music has singable and engaging melodies and it offers to track down the need of the young people with the awareness to living in an era in which the sounds, the voices, the noises follow themselves in a weaker and weaker diagram values. The pedagogical function remains, but the result is eye-catching.
[Maria Grazia Pani]
The show is aimed at pupils of primary and first degree secondary school.
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