Composer: Cristian Carrara

Artists: Orchestre Symphonique et Lyrique de Nancy
Flavio Emilio Scogna conductor
Carlo Guaitoli piano
Label: Brilliant Classic

1. Magnificat: Meditation for piano and orchestra
2. Vivaldi: in Memoriam
3. Ondanomala: Vajont, 13 ottobre 1963
4. Suite per bicicletta e orchestra:
– Paesaggi
– Pianure
– Altezze
– Traguardi

Cristian Carrara (born in 1977) is a highly successful Italian composer, writing in an eclectic post modernist style. Inspired by the minimalist movement, the new spirituality of Pärt and orientalism he created his own personal musical language in which his Italian feeling for harmoniously flowing melodies is mostly apparent.
This new recording contains the Magnificat for pedal piano and orchestra, In Memoriam Vivaldi (its solemn and mysterious atmosphere inspired by Vivaldi’s Sinfonia al Santo Sepulcro), and the Suite per bicicletta and orchestra, written for the 2013 UCI Road World Championships, in which the kinetics of cyclists are captured in a strong pattern of changing rhythms and tempi.
Excellent performances conducted by Flavio Emilio Scogna.

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